At first life without a smartphone was terrifying. Then it was beautiful

Eitan Chitayat writing for QZ

In an attempt to try and battle an addiction to my smartphone (I’m sure most of us suffer from this addiction in some measure these days), I took a pretty radical step. I went out and bought a basic Nokia to use outside of work as much as I could. This “dumbphone,” as it’s called, would only allow me to call or text.

For one week, I kept a public daily diary of Facebook posts documenting my experiment. It was a verbal commitment to myself, and by doing it publicly, I figured it’d help me stay committed. It wasn’t the perfect experiment, but it showed me how glued I was to my smartphone—and how much of my life I got back once I learnt how to put it down. That I could control it instead of it controlling me. An edited and condensed version of that journey follows.

This is great. I have tried this, and I have friends that have done this. Our smart phone use is through the roof and our society is starting to show cracks in its overuse.