I’m Sorry To Report Instagram Is Bad Now

Katie Notopoulos writing for Buzzfeed

This is the crux of the problem: Adding Stories has led to people posting fewer pics to the feed, so the feed is boring. And then people either post Stories way too much or not at all because they’re intimidated by the concept of having to post a full, charming narrative. Our photo feeds are now ghost towns, and Stories is like sticking your face into a firehose in which a distant acquaintance talks to the camera through an unbearable number of videos.

Gotta say I agree with this article. I came back and made an account for Instagram just so I could use stories. I am a horrible photo browser on IG. Many times I open the app and only look at a couple stories. I cant even look at all the stories they are too numerous. I rarely post photos, and it seems I rarely post stories, when I do I try to do the mini-movie style. 

As a hobby photographer I find Instagram underwhelming and useless. I do not search out inspiration or learn any techniques, I watch 10 second motocross videos, or rock climbing, or crazy Russian dash camera videos. Maybe SmugMug will revitalize Flickr and make something photographers would enjoy and benefit from.  By the way, SmugMug bought Flickr