Like-minded vs Like-hearted

From an interview with Alan Jacobs by Austin Kleon. 

That’s how I chose my company on social media. I chose to be around people whose disposition and whose character I found trustworthy. So that when I’m with them, I feel good about being in their presence. And I don’t always feel good about being in the presence of people who might, you know, if you made a list of 100 core beliefs, they might line up more, but they’re just not people I want to spend much time with.

What a great way to phrase it, like-hearted. I really enjoy being friends with people that have an open mind and are ready to embrace me and engage in doing life together. I had a friend once that continually reminded me that the next person I meet could be a best friend. ( I don’t think he was trying to get rid of me ) This is great advice. I have found some excellent friends on twitter, so no matter how sour I may feel about social media it sure has gifted me.