Micro Blog

Many of you remember the earlier days of the web. If you wanted to write on the internet, you created a web site. You could publish essays, post photos, start weblogs. Because web sites were independent, often with their own personal domain name, there was no one company who could tell authors what to post or which tools to use. If a hosting provider went out of business, or changed their prices or policies, you could simply move your site to another host. It was your content and you owned it.

Today, most writing instead goes into a small number of popular social networking sites. These sites became popular because they made it so easy to connect with friends and start publishing, and because they provided a timeline user experience that made everything easy and fast.

Another reason social networks are not ideal is your content is posted along side everyone else. I am not a high content producer but if I was it would annoy me to no end that people would find a link to my article along side news of Trump or other inflammatory commentary you find on social media. I am experimenting with ways to remove myself of Twitter and Instagram. I recently deleted the apps from my phone so I will only read these networks at night when I am done work and at home.

This Micro Blog solution seems quaint. More control, it uses open web standards, and no ads or smut like social networks. I signed up today to take a closer look.

I do enjoy writing small amounts and sharing little quips and thoughts. Years ago I would write  on my weblog and in the past few years I would write on Twitter. I am doing a bit on my website right now. I definitely do not want to equate social media with social points and I am happy with a small audience. Maybe I shouldn't bother writing :P That is an option.