RSS Readers are Due For a Comeback

Brian Barrett writing for

THE MODERN WEB contains no shortage of horrors, from ubiquitous ad trackers to all-consuming platforms to YouTube comments, generally. Unfortunately, there's no panacea for what ails this internet we've built. But anyone weary of black-box algorithms controlling what you see online at least has a respite, one that's been there all along but has often gone ignored. Tired of Twitter? Facebook fatigued? It's time to head back to RSS.

I am using Feedly to read through blogs and news sites. One of the larger complaints I see about Twitter - Facebook - Instagram is that they can not see what they want to see as Twitter - Facebook - Instagram are always suggesting the wrong articles. In a way this is why I am more active on my website this week than in the past. 

If anyone has any cool blogs they follow send me a link.