Apple Announces ‘Low’ Cost iPads

Apple held an Educational event today to debut their new iPad and educational software for iOS. The new iPads are still expensive though and for higher grades you would need a physical keyboard, this is an extra cost. The iPad is probably more expensive than the average Chromebook. The Chromebooks with working hinges and batteries that do not require you to be plugged in constantly are probably equal or higher cost. 

Is there enough Value in quality of software and usage to justify the higher cost? There are supposedly over 200,000 educations apps currently in the Apps Store. How good these are I have no clue. This is  also a bit of wait and see what comes this summer and coming year. They seemingly want to develop new curriculum.

Lastly is there enough value to the school administrators for the managment of devices and costs to deploy and maintain software licences for school lessons? I suspect this is where Apple can make a difference. The cost of lesson plans and text books should not be overlooked. Will Apple take the time and effort to improve the educational material platform?  I hope so. Apple hase been able to improve distribution for Music, Movies, and Apps better than others so maybe Education is next. 

I do think there is a company that can disrupt Education if they want. Amazon. 

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