It's Time

The new year arrived. It came without waiting. Nor did it require anyone to light fireworks or embrace a love. Time continues to march on. Maybe this is why I like photography? I feel like I can stop time, or go back in time. I wonder if this is why I want to take classic looking photos. A classic can persist throughout time.

Almost everyone loves New Years. It is viewed as a clean slate and the problems of 2016 will no longer bother us. "Today is the dawn of a new me"  "I am resolute and ready to conquer 2017"  We love the concept of fresh and clean. Too bad it only happens once a year.... 




I love seeing not just what people want to do with their clean slate but how they will do it. Here is how one guy decided to form his new habits. He wears a bracelet and it serves not just to remind him of what he want to do but he keeps track of how many times he does it. He launched HabitStrap on Kickstarter. I need more arms if I want to do this. 





Some things take many years to achieve. Without a lot of time how would people master a craft or trade? So maybe we should view this new year or rather every day as a gift of time to learn. 



But lets not stop at simply learning a craft. I want to continue to learn how to love. I would like to encourage everyone as well. Love is more elastic than we think. We all have more capacity for love and for being loved. 

So, on the first day of this calendar year lets start be learning that love is doing. It is easy for me to fall into a pattern of using the word love as a statement. I would say " I love this photo " or "that looks lovely" and I often say to people "have a lovely day". But I should be using the word love as an action. Love is something we do. 



Love and Peace to you all today and this year.