Contax T3 Custom Menus

The only thing I would change about the Contax T3 is the ability to custom set the ISO. Unless I find out how to resurrect Contax from the dead.... I will not bother complaining. However, we are able to change the exposure compensation settings by up to 2 stops. That is what I routinely do. I shoot  the Contax T3 a lot indoors and with flash. I want my blacks to be deeper and the contrast to be up a bit for my black and white photos so I often push development by one or two stops. 

By using the custom menus settings you can set the exposure compensation to remain at your desired setting after every shot, even if you turn the camera off. I use CF3c to do this. So unless I  modify the ISO settings it will stay set.

To reach the Custom Menu:  

  • Have the camera turned off.
  • Hold down the Flash and Mode button simultaneously.
  • Use the +- wheel to scroll through the Custom Menu headings and then use the Mode button to select different options. 

I was looking up the settings again today to refresh my mind. I thought I would post them here so not only I could look at them for reference.