Leica Q Quick Review by a Film User

I bought the Leica Q a couple months ago to use as a break from film. For the past couple years I had shot primarily film, about 90%. A small digital camera will be a nice companion when I go shooting with my medium format film cameras. I am not sure I have the ability to write and edit a properly written review. So rather than try that I will write up what I call a quick hit list.  Bullet point style.

* I can fit hundreds of photos on a single SD card. Pretty much a no duh moment but still. I can’t take enough photos to fill it up.
* The batteries are brutal, at least it charges quick.
* The screen on the back is touch enabled. I found this out when I discovered I could swipe photos on the back screen. Cool. Not sure what else I would do with it.
* When I change the exposure settings the back screen adjusts and previews it for me. This is what I think they call Live Preview.
* I can change the aperture and shutter speeds as easily as my M. This I really like, I have grown accustomed to using my camera a certain way.
* It is built like a brick, also like my M.
* There is a Macro mode. Holy Cow! I have not had a macro mode in so long.  Not sure what to use it on yet.

* The viewfinder is absolutely useless. Optical viewfinder is the only option. Who in their ever-loving right mind would ever use an electronic viewfinder?! Sometimes I hold the camera near the viewfinder and the rear screen automatically shuts off. I am sure there is menu option to turn off their auto detection. But for now I struggle in my own stupidity.
* The rear screen is fairly good. When I am in light of EV 16 or above I can’t really tell what I am looking at though. I can see what I am shooting but all detail is lost, the colour even looks washed out. I just figure that is standard for all digital cameras.  // So you don’t have to pull out your light meter- this would be the same light as the snowy mountains on a sunny day. Capital B Bright. 

* The lens cap slides on and off. No unscrewing or pinching. With the lens hood I don’t really bother using the lens cap though to be honest. If I shove it in a bag for traveling I will put it on. I am lucky I have not lost it yet to be honest.
* I think it takes really nice photos. 
* I am no pro reviewer but it really has quick focus. In hindsight this could just be due to the fact that I manual focus many of my photos.
* The digital files seem cool to work with. I can pull up shadows and stuff. Not sure what to say other than I shoot RAW files and use Lightroom? I grabbed Rebecca Lily Presets to use. http://www.rebeccalily.com I am not a heavy editor. I have grown accustomed to having all my photo scans come out of Richard Photo Lab looking A-1.

* 28mm focal length is awesome. Mostly awesome. I don’t feel bad cropping if I want to change it. This isn’t my grandfathers digital camera. We seem to have megapixels to spare. I even crop some into panoramic and wish I used my Hasselblad XPan.
* Finally video, something I know little about. I mean if we are all honest nobody really knows what they are talking about… I have taken a few videos. Some handheld while ice skating, meh quality. Needs 4k. My word, 1080p at 60 fps just does not cut it anymore.

This camera is fun, easy to use and a high performer.