Off to See the Wizard

I am off to meet up with my fellow film photographers in New York City. First, what a great opportunity to not only travel to this city and secondly to also learn from the group of photographers converging on the Leica SOHO store this coming Saturday. I am sure through the guidance of Johnny Patience at the workshop and also of Rebecca Patience, and Bijan Sabet I will emerge as the love child of Ansel Adams and Henri Cartier-Bresson.  At minimum I will have some photos to share and stories to tell. Which will be alright too. 

I was able to get to NYC (notice I used the abbrev. and I am cool) (double notice I abbreviated abbreviation). Anyway, I was able to get to NYC a few years back and snapped a couple photos while I was there. I am fairly certain you could live your life there and not capture its entirety. 

To all who will be there - it will be nice to meet you, it is something I have waited a while for. To those I will miss, catch you on the flip side.



?what am I talking about? well this of course NYCWLK.