Using the iPhone Xs to Take and Edit Photos

Over the last few years Apple has been steadily improving their camera and the processing power needed to edit photos. Adobe has recently pulled up into the winners circle with the mobile version of Lightroom CC. Put Apple and Adobe together and the whole process becomes easier.

The 4 photos below were shot on the iPhone Xs and edited on the phone in Lightroom CC. I used Rebecca Lily presets, finally Lightroom CC now syncs over your presets. This is a life saver on the phone as you do not have to spend a lot of time editing. I do not find using Lightroom CC slow, it loads the presets as fast as I have seen on the computer- in some cases the phone loads them faster. I know right… crazy.


This is a photo taken with the iPhone Xs and not edited or changed. The iPhone does do a good job with colours but there is no competition in editing compared with Lightroom CC.


Adobe Lightroom CC works great with larger photo files as well. My Leica M10 has Wifi transfer, so I loaded up a snapshot I took of my daughter. Within a minute I had a black and white version and a colour version ready to share with my family. Being able to take a photo, edit and share so quickly is awesome.

When I went out to take photos last weekend it was pretty cloudy with almost zero sun the whole time. I took a couple time-lapse videos to capture the moving clouds. I do not normally create time lapses or videos, but I am telling you - it is a quick and easy process, a lot of fun.